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Birch + Balm

Chamomile Baby Balm

Chamomile Baby Balm

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The balm that started it all.

With naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic coconut oil, nourishing organic cocoa butter, calming chamomile and lavender oils, and beeswax to seal it all in, this nurturing balm is safe for nose to tiny toes.


Touch is essential to the bonding process between children and parents. Create a soothing post-bath ritual with your little one, by massaging Baby Balm gently onto the skin. As the warmth of your hands releases the aromatic oils of chamomile and lavender, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to be fully in the present, tender moment.


Protect the delicate skin of the diaper area after each change by applying a thin layer of Chamomile Baby Balm after cleansing. By creating a semi-permeable barrier on the skin, the Balm allows its nutrient-rich moisturizers to penetrate, whilst protecting against environmental stressors and irritants.


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