Radiant Skin Ritual

Your Skin is Begging for these 3 Steps

Dream Elixir was consciously designed to calm, ground, and awaken the senses by gathering together 5 essential oils chosen not only for their therapeutic benefits for the skin, but also for their aromatherapeutic properties.

For your at-home spa experience, follow these 3 steps with beautiful intentionality:

1) Gently squeeze the dropper to release a small amount of Dream Elixir into the palm of your hands, massaging gently, and allowing the warmth of your hands to release the aromatic oils.

2) Next, bring your hands up to your face and inhale and exhale a few cleaning breaths.

3) Finally, to protect and restore youthful radiance, gently massage the Elixir onto your face, neck, and décolletage in nurturing upward movements.


We wish you health + happiness...naturally.

Michael + Tiffany 

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