Intuitive Skincare

Intuitive Skincare

My relationship to my skin over the years has been an evolutionary process, which is intimately linked to my sense of self.

My skin, as I've come to know it, is often a reflection of my inner state. My sense of self, feelings of belonging, my inner knowing, my relentless doubts and fears, my resilient hope, my grasping for control, and my release into surrender all take turns vying for my awareness in order to heal within - and so without.

Stress, alcohol, lack of quality sleep and exposure to environmental toxicity can show up as dryness, blemishes, fine lines and discolouration. When I hydrate, pray, practise yoga + meditation, eat colourful foods and move my body, my skin tells a more balanced and healthy story. 

And so, I am a loyal practitioner of intuitive skincare - a leaning in and listening to what my skin needs on a given day or in a given season. Rather than diligence to a rigid skincare routine, I have turned my focus inward, choosing instead to be receptive to the story my face is telling me.

Sometimes that looks like an extra drop of Dream Elixir in my morning application of mineral sunscreen. Sometimes it means a bedtime facial massage with my Rose Quartz Roller. Sometimes it's a beckoning for a deep moisture infusion with an overnight extra dose of Baby Balm on my face and neck. And sometimes, it means letting my skin breathe and do her own thing.

In fact, that's the very origin of Birch + Balm's Dream Elixir. I sat for countless hours with a variety of carefully chosen botanical, fruit, and seed oils, allowing their unique properties to aid me in creating a sumptuous, nutrient-rich, radiance-boosting, antioxidant blend that glides on like a dream and releases an aroma that transports me to the spa every time. Every time.

Will you join me in leaning in and listening to what your skin needs on this day?  



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