Birch + Balm™ is a down to earth all natural and organic skincare company.

When we first had our twin boys, baby balm was a life changer. I used it on my belly and all over our babies every day. It was a staple in our house - in the kids’ room, the bathroom, the diaper bag... we kept one at arm’s reach everywhere. Now it’s my favourite thing to gift a new mom!

Thalita M.

It took many years to get my diagnosis of contact dermatitis. I had such a severe reaction of blisters and hives on my face and no cream or medication could help. Once I tried Baby Balm my face started the process of healing within months of using it. I saw significant changes to my skin and Baby Balm was the only product that worked for my skin and I am truly grateful for it.

Jen G.

This winter my hands got so dry and sore. My mom tried putting different creams on my hands but they were still red and sore. Then I used the Baby Balm and it was fine! I wondered if it would still hurt tomorrow but no! It was good! I highly recommend Birch + Balm.

Dante M, 10 yrs. old

Chamomile BABY BALM

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