Birch + Balm is a down-to-earth all natural and organic skincare company.

In a market that is oversaturated with synthetic, chemical-laden skincare, each Birch + Balm™ product is prepared with only pure, natural ingredients that have been thoughtfully selected to nourish and protect the skin in a state-of-the-art cosmetic manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada.

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Being raised by a Registered Nurse and a Clinical Pharmacologist, who established laboratories at both the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto, Tiffany found herself tinkering around with petri dishes, compounding tablets, and staring into a microscope in her free time.

So, when her newborn son developed a skin condition, she immersed herself in the research and development of a homemade, all-natural healing balm, safe for babies. After a rigorous process of testing and reformulating, the results were undeniable. Within a few days, Tiffany’s little boy’s lesions had vanished. With daily use of her organic Chamomile Baby Balm, his condition has yet to return.

As word spread of these results, local families began reaching out to request some baby balm for themselves.

  • Dream Elixir

    Designed to bring harmony to your skin's cellular health + your senses, Dream ElixirTMis an intentionally formulated blend of exotic botanicals, sumptuous oils rich in omega fatty acids, and a superboost of vitaminsA,B1,B2,B6,C, and E that restores healthy radiance to your skin - naturally."

  • Chamomile Baby Balm

    The balm that started it all.

    With naturally antibacterial and antifungal organic coconut oil, nourishing organic cocoa butter, calming chamomile and lavender oils, and beeswax to seal it all in, this nurturing balm is safe for nose to tiny toes.

  • Rose Quartz Facial Roller

    The nurturing act of massaging your face with a crystal roller can bring tranquility to your mood by reducing stress and releasing tension – similar to a body massage - but it is also beneficial for the delicate skin on your face. Evidence would suggest that the use of a crystal facial massage tool is able to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The gentle rolling action of these crystal rollers may decrease puffiness (such as bags under your eyes), possibly by stimulating venous and/or lymphatic drainage, and with daily use, we find a noticeable difference in the even tone and radiance of the skin.

  • Obsidian Facial Roller

    Black Obsidian -being volcanic glass -naturally retains warmth and is great to use on congested, blemish-prone skin.

    Clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of crystal rollers improves blood circulation in your face by stimulating blood flow to the skin, and may help make your skin look brighter. 

    Some have suggested anti-aging effects, especially when combined with our youth restoring Dream Elixir.